Bylaws and Rules

Bylaws and Rules



  1. The Executive Board shall have a free membership while serving the term in office.
  2. Honorary Membership: Is a member who has free lifetime membership. A member must have paid full year dues for 15 consecutive years to achieve this status.
  3. Quorum: At least 20 members present and in good standing or 15% of the current membership, whichever is fewer.
  4. Membership Fee: The yearly membership fee is $25.00 and will be effective for a year after the payment is processed.
  5. Both parents and/or legal guardian may join under one membership. However, they are entitled to only one vote.


  1. The slate of officers will be presented at the March meeting and any additional nominations shall be accepted from the floor. The slate of candidates will be printed in the April newsletter. Notification must be made within 14 days for absentee voting.
  2. Absentee balloting will be allowed for members who cannot be present for voting: A member may vote absentee by using email/post-mail to one of the co-Presidents. The co-Presidents will be responsible for receiving and bringing verified absentee ballots to the April meeting to be included with the other votes. If the member is present for voting, the absentee ballot will be destroyed.


  1. Vouchers:
    1. A member must present a voucher to the Treasurer for all expenditures.
    2. The voucher must be accompanied by a receipt or cash register tape as supporting documentation for accounting and tax purposes. All vouchers must be submitted within 90 days of the date of the receipt in order for reimbursement to be made. Any vouchers received after 90 days will require an approval by the treasurer and one other executive board member to be eligible for reimbursement.
    3. No check will be given without a voucher.
  2. All vouchers and checks must be reviewed and signed by the Treasurer and one of the co-presidents.
  3. An Auditing committee, with a minimum of three members of the Executive Committee, will meet twice a year to audit the books and reconcile the bank statements. The Treasurer is required to attend and to provide all relevant accounting and bank records.
  4. The books will be closed as of June 30th and December 31st for auditing.
  5. No committee may spend more than the approved budget without the approval of the Executive Board.
  6. In the event that a significant expense may be incurred prior to the next fiscal budget approval, it would require a unanimous vote of approval by the Executive Board.
  7. Committee chairpersons may receive a monetary advance from the Treasurer upon the receipt of an itemized statement, not to exceed the budgeted amount.
  8. A memorial of up to $50.00 may be sent upon the death of a club member’s immediate family (members, spouse, and children).
  9. Charity: Money may be donated for no more than 2 charities voted by the members. The amount shall not exceed 10% of estimated Net Income as of the end of April. Charities must be:
    1. Domestic and a tax-exempt organization under Section 501-(c) (3) of the 1954 Internal Revenue Code.
    2. A U.S. public institution.
    3. Supportive of women, children, and/or families.
  10. The annual projected budget will be published 14 days prior to being approved by the membership.
  11. Reserve Account: In order to set aside funds for the purpose of hosting the state workshop or covering a shortage in future operating expenses, at least 20% of Net Income or $800, whichever is larger, shall be deposited in a separate interest earning bank account or conservative investment account at the end of each fiscal year. However, if there is a Net Loss, no money shall be deposited in the Reserve account that year.


  1. Committee chairpersons shall consult with an Executive Board officer for advice and answers to any questions that might arise as to organizational policy or past experience.
  2. The outgoing co-President, or a designated alternate, shall be the installation officer.
  3. Voting:
    1. Voting: Voting shall be done by a show of hands, unless membership motions and approves a secret ballot.
  4. The Executive Board meets at least twice a year. The Full Board meets at least once a year.
  5. The general membership of Twin Cities Mothers of Multiples, Inc. meets the second Thursday of every month from September through May. The location will be listed on the club website. The months of June through August may contain special events and business meetings. The dates, times, and locations of such events will be listed in the newsletter.
  6. Meeting Policy:
    1. During meetings, a twelve (12) minute limit of discussion per subject will be allowed, with a maximum limit of three (3) minutes per person. An officer designated by the Co-President shall monitor time. Following said discussion; a motion may be made and voted on; or tabled, printed in the newsletter, and voted on at the next meeting.
    2. Protocol: Each member is expected to follow the positive behaviors of Meeting Protocol, including: listening, seeking consensus, amicably agreeing to disagree, sharing information and ideas, being respectful of the time and feelings of others, and treating others with dignity, respect, and value.. If a member is disruptive, disrespectful, and/or not in compliance with meeting protocol, a motion may be made and approved by any member present to dismiss such member from the meeting. The Co-President may also rule that such member is out of order and dismiss her from the meeting. The dismissed member must immediately leave the meeting.


  1. Eligibility: The candidates for Executive Board shall have served on a committee for at least one year and be a member for at least two years. The candidates for Treasurer should have relevant education and experience in Accounting, Finance, or Business Management to competently manage her duties. If no member with these qualifications is able to serve on the Executive Board, the co-presidents have discretion in finding a suitable replacement with the best interest of the club in mind.
  2. Vacancies: In the event it is necessary to replace one of the Executive Board, the members shall be informed of the vacancy, nominations will be taken from the floor at the first possible meeting, and an election will be held at the next meeting. Eligibility requirements are as stated in the Standing Rules.
  3. Duties:
    1. Co-Presidents: Preside at all meetings. General co-chairpersons of all committees. General Audit chairpersons. Also responsible for arranging for the opening and closing of the meeting facility.
    2. Program Director: Program Chairperson. Attend all audits. In the event that neither co-President can preside at a meeting, the Program Director shall preside. Assumes additional responsibilities as agreed upon with co-Presidents.
    3. Secretary: Record, scribe and publish the minutes at all meetings (General Business, Full Board, and Executive Board). Handle correspondence. Ensures club is in compliance with Federal and State requirements for section 501-c-3 organizations, including submission of amendments to the Bylaws of the club. Provide copies of non-profit/tax exempt documentation to committee chairpersons. Attend all audits. Assumes additional responsibilities as agreed upon with co-Presidents.
    4. Treasurer: Manage and record all financial transactions and present financial reports. Responsible for payment of bills, receipt and deposit of money in a timely manner. Preparation of Federal Tax forms 990, Schedule A, and any other tax requirements by November 15th each year. Prepare for and attend all audits. Assumes additional responsibilities as agreed upon with co-Presidents.
    5. Sale Coordinator: Make all arrangements for: the facility, publicity, rack and table rentals, workers, sale setup, membership check in, sale supervision, sale cleanup, reporting member proceeds to the club Treasurer, and notification of membership requirements prior to the sale. Be point of contact with other club for combined sales. Assumes additional responsibilities as agreed upon with co-Presidents.



  1. The Executive Board shall meet if there are issues to be discussed which will affect the policy of the organization. When possible, these meetings, dates and times will be published in the newsletter. Printed minutes will be available at the next general business meeting.
  2. Any recommendations regarding modifying action of the organization will be presented to the membership for their approval at the next meeting.
  3. The Co-Presidents shall have the right to immediately relieve any officer, member, or chairperson from their duties for nonperformance, a breach of club bylaws or standing rules. Any officer, member, or chairperson may also be dismissed following excessive, continued disruptions or noncompliance of Protocol during any regular meeting. The Executive Board shall determine when a member is out of order and shall follow this process: For first offense or minor infractions, the member shall be dismissed from the meeting. For continued offenses or any major infraction, a motion will be made to suspend or expel the member from the club. The Executive Board will then meet to discuss the charges, and a majority vote by a quorum of this board will decide whether charges will be brought forth against the member. If the Executive Board reaches a decision to take action against a member, charges will be brought forth against the accused that may include a suspension of membership for up to one year. Within 10 days of the board decision, the accused member or chairperson will meet with the Executive Board to discuss the allegations. If the accused person would like to appeal the decision of the Executive Board, it may be brought in front of the full membership. A majority vote of a membership quorum, by way of secret ballot, can then ratify the board’s decision and suspend or expel said officer, member, or chairperson, or dismiss the charges.
  4. Executive Board Quorum: Three members are acceptable for a quorum, as long as at least one Co-President is present. If unable to attend, a board member must call an alternate. Eligible alternates will be Past Presidents of the organization.


  1. Membership: All committee chairpersons shall be volunteers, to work closely with the Co-Presidents.
  2. Duties: The Full Board shall have general supervision of the affairs of the organization except that of modifying action of the Executive Board and the organization.
  3. Advisors: The immediate past Co-President may attend the Full Board and Executive Board meetings as an advisor.


  1. The Executive Board, and only the Executive Board shall be the paid State Workshop delegate, up to five members. The paid delegate is then responsible to represent the club during all meetings at workshop. If a paid member does not attend, they will be responsible for reimbursing the club for the workshop registration fee. Exceptions to be made at the discretion of the club.


  1. No committee chairperson shall hold the same chairmanship for more than two consecutive years, unless the members vote otherwise. No club member shall chair or co-chair more than three (3) committees in any one-year.
  2. Committees and chairperson(s) will be those listed in the annual membership directory.


  1. Before anything is added to the website or changes are made, it shall be reviewed and approved by one of the Co-Presidents and submitted to the website manager.
  2. Please contact the website manager for preferred website file format and fonts.
  3. Website content will be updated by website manager as needed to remain current.


These Standing Rules may be amended at any meeting by a two-thirds vote of the members present and voting, provided published notice of the intent to change has been made at least 14 days prior to the meeting. It is expected that amendments to the Standing Rules may be discussed and voted upon at this same meeting. The approved Standing Rules shall be communicated to the members in the following newsletter.


Article I. NAME: The name of this organization shall be Twin Cities Mothers of Multiples, Inc.

Article II. PURPOSE: The purpose of the organization shall be as follows:

  1. To provide support and education regarding child development, parenting techniques, coping skills, sibling psychology, and other challenges unique to families that include twins, triplets, and other multiple birth children.
  2. To promote literacy and scientific purposes relative to the above within the meaning of Section 501-C (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954.
  3. To provide time, clothing, food, money, and other assistance to individuals in need, as well as to organizations that are described in and exempt from taxation under Section 501-C (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954.


Section 1. Qualifications: The membership of this organization shall be expectant parents, parents or guardians of multiple birth children.

Section 2. A. The dues of this organization shall be reviewed and voted on by the Full Board as necessary.  The yearly membership fee is $25.00 and will be effective for a year after the payment is processed.

Section 3. Each paid and honorary member shall be entitled to only one vote. 

Section 4. Honorary members shall pay reduced membership dues as stated in the Standing Rules.


Section 1. The Nomination Committee, consisting of no more than four volunteers and chaired by at least one Co-President, will present a slate of candidates for each office for the following fiscal year.

Article V. OFFICERS:

Section 1. The officers shall be two Co-Presidents, Program Director, Secretary, Treasurer and Sale Coordinator.

Section 2. Term:

  1. With the exception of any 2nd year Co-President, officers will be elected annually by the majority vote by secret ballot and tallies at the April meeting. They shall be installed in May and take active office in July.
  2. The Co-Presidents have the option to serve a second term. They are limited to one consecutive 2-year term in office, except as noted in the Standing Rules.
  3. The offices of Program Director, Secretary, Treasurer, and Sale Coordinator are limited to serving their terms in the same office, as defined in the Standing Rules.


Section 1. Membership of the Executive Board shall consist of the elected officers.

Section 2. Duties: The Executive Board shall have the power and supervision of the affairs of the organization and shall examine and present the budget.

Section 3. Any situation or question that falls outside the Bylaws shall be voted on and decided by the Executive Board.


Section 1. Membership:

  1. The Full Board shall consist of the Executive Board and all committee chairpersons.


These Bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting by a two-thirds vote of the members present and voting, provided published notice of the intent to change has been made at least 14 days prior to the meeting. It is expected that amendments to the Bylaws may be discussed and voted upon at this same meeting. The approved Bylaws shall be communicated to the members in the following newsletter.


Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised and Minnesota Statutes 1965 (volume II, Chapter 817 – Non-Profit Corporation) shall be the parliamentary authority when they do not conflict with the Bylaws of this organization.



If, for some reason, the Twin Cities of Multiples, Inc. ceases to exist, all existing net funds in the treasury, and all money received from the sale of the club assets shall go to Children’s Hospital, St. Paul, MN, for use by the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Approved 05/2019